Gear For PAX East 2015

Gear for PAX East 2015

It’s PAX East Eve and we’re all setup in our hotel, ready to take on 3 days of gaming insanity at Boston’s Convention & Events Center. But we couldn’t cover such a crazy show without gear to keep us going throughout the day, here’s everything we brought!

Apple MacBook Pro
HP Chromebook

Mobile Devices:
Apple iPad Air
Nintendo 3DS

Canon Vixia HF R500
Canon SX50 HS

Anker 40W 5 Port USB Charger
Newtrent 9900mAh
Rosewill 7800mAh
Patriot Fuel+ 7800mAh
Pivos MANA 5200mAh
Pivos MANA 2200mAh

Sony MDR-V6

Blue Snowball
Audio-Technica Unidirectional

Accell Powramid

TP-LINK TL-WR700N Travel Router

Keyboard & Mouse:
Sharkk Wireless Keyboard
Targus Wireless Travel Mouse

I like playing games, but there's not enough time to play all of them

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