Food Trucks | PAX East 2017

Since its inauguration on September 3, 2010, PAX East food has always had tasted the same. That disgusting tasting cardboard burger, or perhaps the taste of that grilled non-seasoned chicken. None of it has any flavor but you’re starving and need to regain some strength to walk the show floor again. Here comes the fleet! Welcome the food trucks!

foodtrucks-pax17-1Last year was the first time PAX East had food trucks, but I figured it was a fluke and and just happened to set up shop out there. So much so that even security wasn’t letting people go back in from the side door if you went out to buy food from them. With that I said, there goes that great idea, it will never happen again.foodtrucks-pax17-4

This year to my surprise they were back in full effect, with way better offerings than the ones provided inside of the building. Now with a real security checkpoint to let people both in and out of that area, which made it all worth going to get some real food. ‘The Lawn at the D’ as we call the eating area, is a great area but all of the tables and seats were folded up because of non-cooperating weather. See that’s a problem in Boston, from one day to the next you can go from wearing a t-shirt in 70 degree weather, to bundling up like an Eskimo watching the snow fall the next day.

If the current pattern stands, PAX East 2018 will be in April. Assuming this holds true we could have rain, but that sure as hell beats the snow and freezing temperatures we got this year.

To be fair, a sandwich I bought was ice cold by the time I got back inside the convention center to find a place to eat. I mostly blame security for this one but it’s best to be safe. Until security tosses your bag on a pool of delicious chipotle aioli, then they can go fuck themselves for ruining my meal!

Prices weren’t too bad either, they definitely competed with the prices indoors; everything was less than $10. A chicken bacon sandwichfoodtrucks-pax17-3 ran me $8 which is the price I expected to pay inside anyways. Sodas were $3.50, same as in the convention center. The argument here isn’t about pricing however, it’s about taste.

Spend $10 on a cardboard burger with fries? Or spend $17 on a delicious Cuban sandwich with a side of Fried Mac n’ Cheese bites and a House-made Spicy Pickle from the Bacon Truck.

Even on a budget, you’ll want to spend that little extra for some quality food, trust me.

[label]Juan Chimes In[/label] You speak thy truth brother. The food within those walls haunt my taste buds. The fake chemically flavored expensive meals in the convention center made lunch time a nightmare in the past. I’m indeed a fan of the food trucks. Though we almost froze to death this time around, the wait was well worth it. Oh my goodness! I can’t help but drool thinking about the Bacon Truck. That Cuban sandwich (with bacon) and potatoes and chives hash (with bacon) were on a 1-up level. Dare I speak about the those Spicy Pickles, so zesty, so juicy and so cheap. One dollar. That’s it a dollar. There is nothing in the convention center that is a dollar. Food trucks add value to PAX, it’s another thing I look forward to. Gaming and good (not necessarily good for you) food go together.

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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