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I’ve gone on record saying that I can’t stand playing my Switch “on the go” or mobile. I rather just play something on my phone. With that in mind, I figured let’s give this a shot. I love my phone mount to play Xbox games via the xCloud, but ideally, I will rather be playing off of a monitor, and pull out my phone if I’m on the go. Can Fixture Gaming solve that?

Let’s start out with the carrying case, it’s bulky but that’s not a bad thing! It’s very well padded and feels of high-quality materials. From the rubber grip on the handle to the hardened rubber zipper tips, the entire shell feels great. It seems like the top shell is much softer compared to the bottom one, but regardless of that, I absolutely trust my Switch, and Pro Controller not breaking in the event that I drop this.

The inside has a nice nylon-type fabric on the top lid with a pouch for cables, chargers, and possibly your Joy-Con’s which is why I believe the top half is much softer. In the middle of the shell, we get a small sleeve that holds up to ten of your Switch cartridges. Honestly, this is the only change I would request from the product. To make that sleeve slightly padded. It’s thin and it sits right above the screen. I personally won’t ever use the sleeve as I get my games directly from the Nintendo eShop, but a little padding would have added that slight bit more of security that I get from my current Switch carrying case. The bottom shell is much sturdier and has a perforated mold of the pro controller. It fits like a glove, and with the mount attached…the entire shell comes together.

The S1 Mount is a very simple but effective way to enjoy your Switch. The mount is very well thought out also, each of the small rubber grips throughout the unit provides a function. The two on the “arm” portion keep your Switch from sliding out, the ones on the bottom keep your Switch from slipping around. Speaking of the “arm”, this provides the best use of the Joy-Con slider to provide extra security in holding the console itself. There are also convenient ports for when you need to charge your device and even the controller.

In the coming section, I mention weight and hand fatigue. For reference, the S1 Mount + Switch + Pro Controller clocks in at 22.3oz.

As a comparison, an Xbox Pro Controller Series 2 is 12oz.
The original Nintendo DS (phat) is 9.70oz,
Nintendo DSi XL is 11.07oz, and the Nintendo Switch (with Joy-Con’s attached) is 14.03oz.

I tried playing it in three different orientations and came to find my favorite.

Let’s rank them!

In last place, without a controller. The mount has rubber grips to make sure it won’t slide anywhere. This felt great, but the kickstand provides the same exact feeling. Sure it’s elevated but it doesn’t feel very different. The only time I see this being useful is when playing a multiplayer game. The grip makes it worthwhile because it won’t tilt. Let’s say you’re on a flight, turbulence won’t even drop it.

In second place, with the Pro controller attached, and the screen above the controller. This was the “natural” position for me to enjoy my games as it was what I was accustomed to with my phone mount + Xbox controller. After a while of playing like this though, the weight distribution felt off, and felt fatigued pretty quickly playing like this. I felt that I was applying more pressure to the back of the controller to keep the screen from falling back.

In first place, the pro controller attached, and the screen directly above the controller. Perfect weight distribution, everything aligned perfectly, sure you can’t see the controller but if you’re in the market for this product odds are you don’t need to look at the controller while playing. I found myself enjoying the mounted Switch much more in this orientation. Will I continue playing like this? I guess only time will tell, it’s much more convenient, and it truly makes me miss my 3DS.

Interested in getting one for yourself? They’ll be available June 9, 2021 via Amazon!
The Fixture Gaming Carrying Case will retail for $24.99.
The Fixture S1 Clip Mount for The Nintendo Switch will retail for $34.99
A bundle of the Fixture S1 plus Carrying Case will also be available at launch for only $49.99.

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