Fall Guys | PAX East 2020

With battle royale games making their mark in the gaming world, let us not forget the original battle royale, as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even a video game, it was a TV show! Most Extreme Elimination Challenge! A dubbed over game show from Japan that ran years ago, if you’re not familiar, please look it up, as Devolver Digital is set to release the video game version of it in Fall Guys by Mediatonic.

From the demo we got to check out, the game featured 4 levels, each one set to reduce the number of players based on certain criteria.

The first game type was a race through various barriers. Each barrier had a few doors and only 2 of the walls are breakable and you can run through them, the others were solid. The first 50 to cross the finish line qualified to move on to round two.

Round two featured a huge game of tag. out of the 50 players ran around a “bounce house” type arena with swinging hammers around ready to send you flying and knock you down if you fail to move passed it quick enough. Some players spawn in with tails, and the goal is to have a tail in your possession once the timer ends. Running around, dodging and jumping all around to level made this feel like the ultimate game of tag and it was hilarious.

The semi-final round was a weird one. this one split the remaining players and put them into one of three teams. The level is split up into three colors, and in the center, you have a bunch of stacked eggs, and even some gold eggs as well. The goal here is to bring back as many eggs to your team’s color before the timer expired. If you had to, you could even steal eggs from either of the opposing teams.

The winning team which I believe gets knocked down to about 20 players then face off in a final race to grab a crown atop a mountain. This mountain is filled with spinning hammers, spinning boards, and spiked boulders which just keep rolling down the hill set to make you fall and bring you back down. Once you make it to the top, you have to jump and GRAB a crown, this is important because there is a chance you can jump and miss the crown and falling will drop you into a conveyer belt that will take you a few steps back and you’ll have to work your way up

Oz’s take:
Fall Guys was a blast! I hope to see other levels introduced into it. The first and last level of our demo was amazing, and should definitely be kept there. But mixing in random levels so it’s not the same middle portion I feel would add much more value to this game. Based on some of the gifs shown below, there are other levels, but every demo we got to see while there were strictly the same levels described above. The customization options are generic, from colors to costumes, but the simplicity of this game is what makes it stand out. With a Summer 2020 release date, only time will tell what we’ll see, but rest assured we will try to not get eliminated!

Juan’s take:
I do agree with you Ozzy. Falls Guys met my japanese game show appetite. Once again I’m a sucker for ragdoll physics. Just seeing the competition flail around matches the entertainment value of the real deal game show. I look forward to seeing what other minigames they add to challenge the way of the lemmings and see who stands.

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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