Exclusives? Really…

This past Thursday, the PlayStation Blogcast, Episode 58 to be exact announced something that got to me. Granted I’m not an avid Sony user, as it has been mentioned time and time again by now. But this news got me thinking about the potential future of gaming, and how those with the big bucks are going to manipulate your content.

The company in question for this particular one is Ubisoft. During that cast, it was announced that PS3 Users will receive FREE exclusive Far Cry 3 DLC. Today, January 15, users will be able to get two chapters in the ‘High Tides’ DLC which is a epilogue to the co-op campaign.

Honestly, this doesn’t effect me at all as I didn’t pick up Far Cry 3, but I know plenty of users who will be upset about this, not just on the Xbox 360, but also the PC users! It’s pretty shady, now I’m not sure on how ‘exclusives’ really work, but its starting to look like a money game. Who can toss up the most cash our way to gain the privileged!

PS3 Users have been getting screwed for a while too though when it comes to the Call of Duty series. I realize this, but this is ‘exclusive’ content that by the way is worded will never see the light of day on anything BUT the PS3. Difference being, at least the CoD maps are eventually released! Sure it’s a couple of months later but at least the content is out there.

Let us move away from the blame game. Let’s be civil! We are consumers, and what we want is content, no matter where your loyalty lands, it should only be fair to be able to gain content if it’s out there. There should equal content no matter what you own.

This whole DLC business has gotten way overboard with content that should have already been included in the disk to begin with. I get it though, money has to be made, its a business. A struggle with piracy, and used titles, DLC makes sense, in a way but that’s an entire new conversation to have another day.

Bottom line is to honestly cut that exclusive business out of the way. DLC has honestly grown on me, and it’s almost a surprise if a game is released without a Season Pass at this point, which is sad. The way I see it, even the way Activision is handling it is bullshit, wait a few months until its released for you!

Stop playing favorites, let everyone enjoy your creation.

Fuck corporate! Go indie!

After reading all that, enjoy some funny music that semi-inspired this post:

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