DRULCast #9 – It does…[not work]! But Mortal Kombat does!

Wow! We have a new comer! This weeks episode features myself and Chris along side a good friend ours, Juan! This week we discuss the Playstation which “does everything” but go online. We also debate what could be one of the best fighting games out there so far, Mortal Kombat. Tune in and don’t forget to tell your friends about us, Jose is going world wide with the free hugs campaign. (some restrictions apply, contact him for details) 🙂

Hosted by
Oscar Ventura

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

  • Topic 1 – PSN & SOE:
    There’s a part where you guys say it’d be nice if Sony would tell you if your info was stolen. Truth is, there is no way to really know. If someone accesses a computer and does select * on a database, there’s no way to know if the person who received the result set copied all, part or none of it. So they just send a mass email out to anyone who might be affected.

    Also, SOE originally said they weren’t affected. Then they came out and said they did get hacked too.

    Finally to answer one of the questions you guys brought up:
    “Can it happen on XBL?”
    I agree with Chris, yes it can.

    Topic 2 – MK:
    MK is amazing! The story mode is engaging and very well done. In fact, I’m going to stop there and say, this is the definitive Mortal Kombat.

    That doesn’t mean that there aren’t things I dislike:
    1) You can no longer do the signature, ‘punch, punch, punch, punch, punch’
    2) The girls have boxy faces. They could be a bit more feminine. Sonya is almost as built as Chyna from WWF. The female character models (MK, MKII), are kinda what I was looking for in the new version.
    3) Blocking is useless. Thinking back on it, blocking was a big thing in MK, but not so much in SF. When SFIV came out, I had to change my play style to incorporate more blocking. With the new MK, I never block. And when I do try to block in the new MK, it just doesn’t work out. The game favors combos and juggling and not so much blocking. So it’s funny that it seems my play style for MK has become like SFII (little to no blocking), and my current SFIV play style is like the original MK (blocking galore).
    4) Liu Kang’s voice during matches (not story mode) feels out of place. It just doesn’t feel like it matches the way he moves.
    5) During matches, characters don’t have a big enough height discrepancy. When I’m playing as Kitana and facing Goro, Shao Kahn, etc, there’s no way I’m as tall as them, or even near it. However, it seems that every character is about the same height during a match.
    6) The sound is quiet. I think they deliberately lowered all sound in the game so big hits during matches seem more powerful. When I’m playing, I have to turn my receiver up to about -35dB. Comparing that to the Gears of War 3 beta which I usually keep around -53dB. In other words, -35dB should be loud, really loud.

    Other notes:
    Shao Kahn is not that hard during story mode. All you have to do is stand close to him, hop over him, uppercut. Repeat.
    Also, you can use your X-Ray move when you hop over him. It just takes a lot of hits to beat him.

    • Topic 1) Yeah It can happen to XBL but do you honestly think it would be down for this long? Anything is possible and I guess its hard for us to say what will exactly happen, but that really bothers me is the way they took action.

      Topic 2)
      1) Don’t care about punch punch punch, its fine, but its cheap Lol.
      2) Yeah I sorta agree with you on this but its not THAT big of a deal to me.
      3) Blocking isn’t useless, you probably just don’t use it as often, if you play like I do, your always on the offensive, and don’t notice it as much. Every now and then when I actually do block, it does help out.
      4) Didn’t notice this as much, didn’t bother me rather.
      5) This is something I didn’t take into consideration reading it here, and yeah, I do agree with you on this one… Thanks for pointing this out, it will bother me when I play 🙁
      6) Also didn’t notice, but yeah, I see how it could be bothersome.

      -The other notes: Every character is essentially vulnerable to this move, but that’s the issue, who wants to play a game and get cheap wins (unless its for an achievement 🙂 ) Lol. Its difficult to have a fair match with the majority of bosses.

  • Being hacked is a problem that ANY company faces. If you have web access you are vulnerable, it’s just that simple. The issue with PSN isn’t the hack but rather, as Oscar mentioned, the way they handled it. If you have customers that trust you enough to provide you with personal info you should be open and honest with them as soon as there is even the slightest chance they may have been compromised. Doing anything short of that is going to make them lose trust in you. Sony screwed up, not by being hacked but by not properly communicating the problem with their customers in a timely manner.

    • At the same time though like Jack said, there is no way on knowing what they took, so why bother telling the people to change their card info? Its a fucked up situation really…

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