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DRULcast #72 – FIGuring out Destiny

by on September 15, 2014

This week the guys discuss Arcades, Pinball Tables, Boston FIG, and Destiny! If any of those topics made your mind tingle, let us tickle your ear holes with this podcast!

A lot was discussed within this show! Jack reveals his future dreams of an arcade in his home. Laundry trickery is admitted to. Boston FIG games were discussed, and Destiny was once again surveyed.

Games in this episode: Bobby Orr POWER PLAY 1977 Pinball Machine, Destiny, Alien Makeout Simulator, Bacon Man: An Adventure, Bōru mo, Catlateral Damage, Lyrical – Lean Languages with Music, Shock Jocks, Super Beat Line MC, Super Rad Raygun: The Lost Levels, Yin Yang BANG BANG!, Zombie Hearts Chicken.

Tune in, enjoy and leave us some feedback!

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