DRULcast #202 – It’s a vibe

Too many betas, too many canceled pre-orders and Oz shares what could be the worst day in his gaming history. Full details in the show notes.

202 : It's a vibe [ 44:26 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (334)

DRULcast #78 – Oz Is Quarantined

We aren’t sure where Oz is at, chances are he was quarantined while attempting to travel across borders. But no fear, Juan (Ac30fSpad3s 13) and Mark (TheMvn) join Jack (sho220) for a quick discussion about what we’ve been playing, and...


DRULcast #77 – The Grind

This week we learn about the SHO. A review method is put to the test within a few new games. Destiny is picked apart once more for failing the review method shared, and much more are discussed in this weeks DRULcast! DRULcast #77 - The Grind [ 33:37...


DRULcast #76 – Who’s on First?

This week Jack takes us on a trip down memory lane to some old school Light Gun games, on the search for a CRT and I bring it all back around to some modern day gaming to close out the show. DRULcast #76 - Who's on First? Play Now | Play in...


DRULcast #75 – The Feels

From weather to games to food, what else could you want in a show? This week Jack and oZ debut a new segment, and question the morals of walking out of a restaurant.

DRULcast #75 - The Feels [ 47:19 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (109)


DRULcast #74 – Cereal

Ever wonder what Jack’s favorite cereal is? Or why I’m hating Destiny a little more daily? Then tune into this episode!

DRULcast #74 - Cereal [ 36:36 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (117)


DRULcast #72 – FIGuring out Destiny

This week the guys discuss Arcades, Pinball Tables, Boston FIG, and Destiny! If any of those topics made your mind tingle, let us tickle your ear holes with this podcast! DRULcast #72 - FIGuring out Destiny [ 58:24 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...


DRULcast #71 – Camping!

This week, Jack and Oz discuss their versions of going to camp as kids. One of us accomplished a dream from childhood, tune in and find out what it was!

DRULcast #71 - Camping! [ 28:31 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (111)