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DRULcast #34 – Clickin’ Cookies!

by on October 1, 2013

I wanted to get this out there as I’ve been addicted to this game. Get them achievements! Cookie Clicker!

This week Jack and I go on a solo show, no guests as it was recorded on a Sunday. Football season and all of them Breaking Bad fans, but it’s alright, the show must go on!

We discuss the most pointless game with a lot of meaning this week, Cookie Clicker!



To help out on your journey, here are a few saves we’ve collected. Of course you don’t have to use the saves, but the game does get a little tedious because you just want to advance.

The two saves in the video;

[toggle_box title=”Mid Video:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]
[toggle_box title=”End of Video:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]

Saves that have been tampered with;

[toggle_box title=”Hacked 1:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]
[toggle_box title=”Hacked 2:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]
[toggle_box title=”Hacked 3:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]

Clean Saves;

[toggle_box title=”Clean 1:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]
[toggle_box title=”Clean 2:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]
[toggle_box title=”Clean 3:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]
[toggle_box title=”Clean 4:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]
[toggle_box title=”Clean 5:” width=”10″][/toggle_box]

Cookie Clicker