DRIVECLUB pricing explained


Many racing simulator fans have been patiently waiting for the PlayStation 4 experience, although it’s not going to be Gran Turismo, DRIVECLUB is the next best thing.

UPDATE: Sony has flip-flopped on PS+’s pricing plan. If you’re a PS+ member and decide to upgrade DRIVECLUB for $50, you will now be able to KEEP the full version of DRIVECLUB when your PS+ membership expires.

Before you are quick to make a decision, stop to think of which version of the game you want! Sony just published a video explaining all of the methods on how you’ll be able to race.

So let’s break this down:
The demo of the game gets you a few tracks and cars (limited)

If you’re a PlayStation+ member, you will also get the demo, but you’ll also get some extra tracks and cars.

The traditional method grants you a bonus, if you pre-order of course. Buy the full game directly from any retailer for $60. The next-gen method of buying it digitally is also an option at the same price.

Now for the upsetting portion of it all. If you are a PlayStation+ member, you are given the option to Upgrade your game for $50. An entire $10 savings! But this is linked to your PS+ account which means whenever you cut that out, there goes your game with it as well.

Bottom line, just spend the extra $10 and do it digitally!

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