Day Off Issue 7

Hope everyone had a great and amazing Thanksgiving! I would like to thank all of the Contributors for their work in DRUL HQ. Thanks to the readers and viewers of the site too! Sure we’ve had our ups and downs, but that’s normal! As long as we pull through and have friends and family as both inspiration and motivation, we will continue to provide you guys with content.

This past week I have spent it thinking of many things that would help us reach new audiences, of course the main source for anything is likely to be from YouTube. I have a few ideas for a couple of series and I’m trying to get everything placed together to provide some unique content. By placing it here, I find myself responsible to commit and provide with that statement, so here’s to pulling through!

Yesterday I had lunch and managed to find this inside my fortune cookie:

I have never had a fortune cookie really hit me hard until I read this one… For starters, I’m starting a new job next month, and despite it not being an easy job, I have always had so many ideas and then never pull the trigger to releasing them. Just reading this got me exited to work on some projects and hope to show you guys one day.

Let’s just leave it at that for now, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with loved once, and now we brace for the rest of the Holidays to come!

Oh and I also hope you guys ended up getting some fun games and gadgets during these crazy Black Friday deals, keep checking the deals posted as they are all likely doing Cyber Monday deals tomorrow as well!

My pick of the week, another movie! The movie is For a Good Time, Call…
It’s not out for dvd/blu ray just yet, but watch it through Amazon Instant. The flick is hysterical! Either pre-order it or rent it for $4, great movie, not game related, and also not for the family, 18+ simply for the sexual content presented and language. Nothing too filthy, but overall funny.

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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