Day Off Issue 6

Oh…hello there, it’s Sunday! Congrats! You’ve made through another week, and guess what, there is another one coming! Anyone else tired of the way time works? I remember reading an article a few years ago that lets you get an 8th day in the week by doing some sort of time management changes in life. Crazy thoughts, but props for those who manage to live that way!

Divider 1: I bought BLOPS2, fml.
Divider 2: Post’s will be M-F from now on and Sunday post will happen whenever.
Divider 3: I saw a movie and thought it was cool so check it out.[/box_light] [divider]

Let me get this out of the way, the other day I did something that I shouldn’t have done… Those who follow me on twitter already know, I purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. One reason was because no one in DRUL HQ was going to get it. The way I have things set up here are that everyone has their preference, granted sometimes we will end up getting the same game but remember, the idea of DRUL was to save you some money by providing you with unbiased reviews and our honest opinion on certain games. [pullquote_right]I’ll admit it, that was me. Every new Call of Duty   ~from Day Off 4[/pullquote_right]Now I know this isn’t a valid reason as many people are still planning on getting the game, but in this industry, if your not reporting on the ‘trends’ then there is no competition. Sure there has been a lack of a couple of games, but we try our hardest to get it done, maybe not before the launch of the game, maybe not even the week after, but eventually, it will get done. We pride our selves on enjoying a game to its fullest potential before telling the reader how it is.

Another reason behind me getting it was the fact that I had a gift card that would expire at the end of the month. I danced around the idea of getting a few games with that money, but then I thought of the previous reason. I have only purchased ONE big title this year, and that was Borderlands 2, I figured I might as well get another. Even though Treyarch has failed (in my eyes) time and time again, I still had to get this game. I have complained so much about their games being such garbage, but the truth is that I’m a fan of Zombies mode, it’s way better than Spec-Ops. So like I’ve been telling everyone, chances are I’ll be on Zombies most of all, I mean the story goes from normal, to horses, to mech units, I can’t even believe I got this, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Enough of this before I cancel my pre-order…


On to business, I spent a good hour or so talking to Alan the other day about certain things around the site, he provided me with a ton of suggestions and I guess “bugs” that I had to fix. All great, but the bottom line is, we need a bit of structure here. As it stands, everything is all over the place! Which I guess isn’t too bad, but I was thinking on releasing Reviews on certain days, mean while providing news and opinion pieces daily like we’ve been doing. Not too sure on how to work things out, I like how its structured now, just post whatever we have whenever we can, but we’ll see what other ideas come around.

The other idea came out of a conversation I had with Mr. Hollywood himself, sho220, every time I’m working on a post at 1am, he tells me “work ours are 9-5!” and tells me to go bed. With this, I agree, but seeing this as work takes from the fun! There is a limit though, as it stands I’m working with 1 post daily, as everyone gets comfortable, I’d like to see anywhere from 4-5 posts daily. That being said, starting this week, our posts will be Monday through Friday, and weekends off. Sunday’s are strange, because I enjoy writing bullshit on Sunday. Which is why you are here reading this… So as it stands, I will continue doing my Day Off series, but it wont happen weekly. I say this because sometimes, I know I’ll have a video to edit, or even a podcast to record!


Other than that folks, I leave you with my pick of the week! Go check out a movie called Water for Elephants, its awesome! Sure it’s a bit of a love story, and it has that kid from them Twilight movies in it, but it is amazing. I’m a sucker for ye’olde Circus/Freak Shows and that type of stuff, so I really did enjoy this flick.

As always, Play til’ you DRUL!

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