Day Off Issue 1

Salutations from DRUL HQ! Let me start off by explaining what this post is all about as its a bit off from the normal, which as of late seems to be a lot of League of Legends. Apologies for that, but there are going to be some changes around here!

For starters I’m planning on having any one of us here post up just random updates recapping or going through some things we found exiting but couldn’t post it. Maybe a vlog or just a personal update on what’s going on in life.

This issue will just be a behind the scenes update with what direction we want to go to, and what happened to the old format of things.

We know that it’s difficult for us to compete with the big guys of the industry. They all have inside sources and report on stories instantly. So with that instead we will post up whatever we find interesting on any given day. Giving it a personal touch and getting to know what each of us prefer.

The old method of things was to post up just anything for the sake of getting it posted, sometimes that just involved a quote directly from the press release! Each post I want to try and add some personal opinion in.

This brings me to the DRULCast. I would love to continue it as long as everyone is on board with a schedule. I can’t make any promises on that but I do have a couple of ideas lingering. The format we followed for this will also have to change, every week we played a demo and talked about it, getting everyone to download that demo and play it seemed like a hassle and a burden, so instead we replace that with a conversation. Even though we might not play the game it still doesn’t hurt talking people into a game. This format would be better for all of us, not forced at all and he conversation would feel a lot more natural. There will still need to be structure but we’ll figure that out as the time comes.

Now I’m just blabbing on about things that may or may not happen, so let’s just call this issue of Day Off conquered because I can go on and on about what could be.

Have a good Sunday DRULheads, and don’t forget to play til you DRUL!

Hosted by
Oscar Ventura

Oz plays Rocket League and is very bad at it, but at least he tries. As long as there are games to talk about, he's in his happy place.

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