Cult of the Lamb | PAX East 2022

Headlining Devolver Digital’s PAX East 2022 booth is Cult of the Lamb. Developed by Massive Monster, Cult of the Lamb includes dark arts, a cute lamb, and even managing a cult.

On the surface, Cult of the Lamb might look like another hack and slash game with cute characters, but it ends up being quite unique. Absorb souls then command them to manage your cult. Build a following, and start a village. Gather materials like wood, ore, and berries to build new areas like a kitchen, then food can be made to feed your followers.

Managing a cult, collecting resources, and feeding your followers feels like it could end up as a micromanagement fest. Although, as long as followers were fed, then everyone is happy. With the likes of Stardew Valley or even Animal Crossing, this entire part of the game seems like it would succeed as its own game.

Cult of the Lamb adds a ton of variety and mixes up the levels so much so that even in two playthroughs, each experience was completely different. During one run, we just rushed through and got to the boss with just our basic weapons and magic. On the second playthrough, we were presented with cards that changed our statistics, one card gave us two extra bonus HP hearts (shield?) and the other was to receive double the health while healing. It’s difficult to pick a card, but that’s also part of the fun!

Minutes into the demo, I found myself somewhat engulfed in the game, and this was all thanks to the calming music. HUGE props to whoever worked on the music for Cult of the Lamb because I was absolutely in the zone. Something about it just mellowed me out, I was vibing with the lamb and the cult haha. Combined with vibrant colors, Cult of the Lamb is destined to be a crowd favorite, both at PAX East 2022 and when it releases on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox later 2022.

Juan’s Reaction

Cult of the Lamb’s fluidity has me changing the RPG label from role-playing game to rapid-playing game. A lamb to slaughter finds its purpose by hacking and slashing its way through sandboxed dungeons. A paradox indeed. The dungeons are small, but map randomization provides a fresh experience each time, worthy of multiple replays.

I’m a fan of the variety of goodies you get. Loot, money, skills, weaponry, and woodlands creatures. Each of them enhances gameplay. Weapons and gear will have an obvious impact on stats, but creatures you rescue help you collect resources and develop some kind of township. It’s pretty cool that you can customize residents as they arrive. Cult of the Lamb’s vivid colors mixed with the wide spectrum of sounds and music, truly bring the environment to life. How it all comes together is quite filling. It satisfies the hunger for a new game and can easily become your new go-to.
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