Cryptozoic Bloody Noir Joker Hand Pics and Unboxing

Visiting Cryptozoic’s booth at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017 was supposed to be simple. Walk to the booth, grab Harley Quinn Golden Goddess for Oz (sorry Oz), pay, then leave. Although once I got to Cryptozoic’s booth, something unexpected happened. I saw The Joker Calling Card Bloody Noir Edition, and I had to have it!

A hand that we will assume is Joker’s, in a white glove with blood splattered all over it and holding a Joker card. There is also amazing detail put into the shirt and jacket cuffs which is the base of the statue. This ‘life size statue’ could be left next to Joker’s victims, or sent to someone as a gift (think Vicki Vale – Batman (1989)). Something about a Bloody Joker Hand statue is so powerful, oh, and there’s only 200 of them in world.

I am still looking for a case, preferably sealed plastic or glass that has UV protection. And I have no clue where I am going to put it, but none of that matters, The Joker Calling Card Bloody Noir Edition is awesome and I’m the proud owner of #63/200!

Here are a ton of pics! Enjoy!

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