ClusterPuck 99 (Nintendo Switch) | PAX South 2018

ClusterPuck 99 has been out since 2015, however, PHL Collective has ported the game over to Nintendo Switch and it’s amazing!

A must-have for any Switch owner, especially if you like playing locally with your friends. This is one of those games that you need to rub it in their face when you score on them. 2 vs. 2 is great, but the more players you add, the more chaotic and exciting it could get. With eight-player local multiplayer being an option, this is the best way to enjoy it. Four on four mayhem! Get 3 other friends who own a Switch and go for it! The difficulty with this game on PC is that you’ll never find a reason to plug in eight controllers in order to play.

The levels are all great and offer some challenges within them, the meta; avoid spikes, while using speed boosts to get around the level to score. Sounds simple of course, but then when you get checked and your puck starts taking the speed pods backward into your own net, that’s a problem!

The controls for this is what makes it a great game to play at a party. Anyone can pick it up, but it’s difficult to master. Pass plays and combinations are a must in order to score on a team who knows what they’re doing. There are only two buttons to the game, both of which change whether you are playing defensively or offensively.

It’s a ton of fun and after winning my first match I wanted to play more. Maybe I just enjoy competitive soccer-like games a bit too much!

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