Backtracking Crysis

Note: Backtrack articles only include our ‘fun level’ factor while playing an old game. It is not a review, and is meant to be similar to a person-to-person conversation. These articles may contain spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Crysis is one of the most popular first person shooters of all time. It mainly receives merit because of its incredible graphics. Even today, 5 years after the game originally came out, Crysis is still a graphical marvel. Despite its age, it wasn’t until Oct. 2011 when I started to play Crysis, and Nov. 2012 by the time I finished it. The game isn’t terribly long, but if you check out my backlog, then you can get a good idea why it has taken me so long to complete.


When I started playing Crysis in Oct. 2011, I expected the campaign to be about 6 – 8 hrs, and for the game to be more about how it looks than how it plays. What the game quickly showed me was to expect the unexpected. Expect AI enemies to actually ‘think’, expect to run out of ammo, expect to approach every section of a level different than the last, expect some difficult parts, expect big explosions, expect fun. Crysis quickly threw out my notion of it being pretty but brainless. It is the best single player experience in any FPS. That doesn’t mean the game is flawless, but the overall experience can’t be matched by any other game.


I don’t have to say how beautiful Crysis is, everyone already knows. If you don’t know, just google any Crysis game and you’ll see their beauty. However, Crysis 1 has something special about it. Crytek really captured the desolated island feel, how they did it, no clue, but the island has emotion. I often felt like it is my island cause my character is a super soldier, but I’d quickly be put in check every time. I wasn’t in charge of the island, the island was in charge of me. And like beautiful things that usually control people, I was often stuck in awe looking at scenery.

It’s A Wrap!

I’ve finally finished Crysis 1, but still have Crysis Warhead, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3 to get through. AHHHH! Need more time!

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