Astroneer | PAX East 2019

Build and deconstruct the terrain as you explore…not only above ground, but underground as well!

I was skeptical when I first saw this game, it reminded me a lot of Pikmin, where you were you had a specific amount of time to repair your aircraft and try to fly back home. Astroneer, however, has a lot more to offer than that and luckily you have the freedom to explore and aren’t timed.

This game is an amazing blend of a few games like Minecraft and Godus to name a few. With a modular tool kit, and backpack the exploration to get those upgrades between planets just seems awesome. I can’t wait to fully explore this game because it has all of those addictive elements in a game that I enjoy.

When asking one of the devs about digging through the planet, if we would end up on the other side, his response was “Of course!”. This alone already got my mind running as to how I would build an elaborate survival system because you need to make sure you have enough oxygen to make it through of course.

During our PAX East demo, we got a sneak peek at a potential future build which included a Jetpack. The devs are playing around with it internally to figure out if it should be an unlimited use item, or if they should limit it similar to your oxygen and use some sort of “gas” or element to power it up. While jumping around with the jetpack, it definitely felt overpowered with it being unlimited, but then again you are at risk of your oxygen if you aren’t near your base, or if it isn’t connected to your oxygen network.

There’s a lot of planning to do, so we’re off to explore!

Check out Astroneer by System Era Softworks available now via Steam!

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