Are you aware of your Digital Shadow? Watch Dogs is!


In a clever way to scare people or at least make people aware of their social media presence, upcoming title Watch Dogs has put up an interesting Facebook application which shows just how much information could be gathered from you.

They are watching us! Well…not really, of course it all depends on how much you share on Facebook, the reality is, if you are a private person, chances are high you already block the majority of your actions. Unlike me, I post quite a bit with geo-location based apps, and pictures of course of my whereabouts, granted its only to my friends but really…who am I to say they wont try anything malicious?

The app works great, its pretty interesting to see all of the stats they put up like who you engage with more often, who stalks you (people who talk to you but you don’t reply), and even who you would consider a liability, like a spouse, parent, or sibling.

The funny thing I found, is where they think my location is, and it turns out, they think I’m at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC)…home of PAX East!

Sure, I’ll be there, but I don’t spend too much time in that area to the point that the app thinks I live in that area.

If you dare, check out what type of Digital Shadow you cast!

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