Amazon Gold Box Video Game Day!

This isn’t the first time Amazon has opened up the Gold Box for an entire day of Video Game deals, but it is as fun as the first! The deal of the day is an Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle for $199.99 ($299.99 – $100 promotional credit). The rest of the deals start at 6:00AM PST. Hit the jump to see a list of the hints for the upcoming deals!

6:00AM: Bring the fitness club to your living room
8:00AM: Blend banana-collecting puzzles with manic action gameplay
10:00AM: Now in its tenth year, this franchise returns with number 7 on the PS3 and X360
12:00PM: Explore iconic settings including Hogwarts castle, Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forest.
2:00PM: Join your host, Mr. Potato Head, as you and your family play classic Hasbro games.
4:00PM: Listen to your game like it was meant to be heard
6:00PM: Latest iteration of a storied fighter franchise.
8:00PM: Big savings on this classic NDS puzzle game.

*All times are in PST (GMT -0800)

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