Aftercharge | PAX South 2018

There are too many games out there. We’ve discussed it on DRULcast plenty of times that our backlog is constantly expanding. For me, the problem is that there are too many similar games, and once you get adjusted to one why bother switching it up? The first person formula has been the same for ages, and if the formula works, why change it? In comes a challenger; Aftercharge.

Sure it’s a shooter, and yes it’s a strategic three vs three competitive game. However it introduces something new, the element of surprise. This is something I haven’t seen since playing Screencheat, invincibility.

The attacking team stays invincible until they attack or get too close to the defending players. This makes for some amazing strategies between your team. As a defender, do you leave the downed opponent alone or do you hover near them waiting for their teammate to come revive them?

The problem here is that the third player could be a decoy and start destroying one of your electric pods. Communication is key to win this game.
I didn’t get too much of a chance to check out all of the skills, however the attacker I chose had a grenade which exploded to reveal any enemies within its splash, this was extremely helpful when you downed a player. I kept throwing the grenade near the body to reveal if there was anyone there trying to revive them. Due to it being a grenade I would hover near an electric pod to generate energy but most importantly to defend it.

Aftercharge is scheduled to release Q1 2018 and it will be extremely fun not only to watch but also to play. Despite them only showing one map during PAX South, I see Chainsawsome Games releasing some great content for it.

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