Yes, a fish is playing Pokemon…

fish plays pokemon

Earlier this year, Twitch played Pokemon via chat commands. And now? A fish swimming around his bowl is making all of the moves!

Yeah, at one point today there were about 20,000 viewers tuned in to watch a fish swim while playing Pokemon. Things move a lot slower than when the world controlled the game via chat, but this is actually a lot more entertaining as you can see and predict where the fish is going instead of a chat room full of commands.

Something is wrong with Twitch however, their chat is the absolute worst. Users are flooding the channel with spam and there is no way to hold a conversation with anyone. Sure, there are 20k people but there is slow mode or even subscriber mode to control all of that. Bottom line is, just watch the video as the chat is pointless.

Can’t wait to see how far this goes, respect to the creators! It only took them 24 hours to set this up for a project!

The fish chose his own name via the pre-made names in Pokemon and landed on Grayson Hopper.

Even as Grayson sleeps, he still gets a nice audience of about 15,000! Insane!

Fish Plays Pokemon on Twitch

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