War Tech Fighters | PAX East 2019

WTF or better known as War Tech Fighter only has a solo player campaign game. It’s the futuristic sci-fi warfare where you’re in space playing mech peacekeeper. You have your War Tech and your NPC pilot bot friends that reinforce you. I really like the fact you can customize your War Tech to your liking. Start off with the base in which you can choose from three classes: speed boost, overall balanced, or the tank, of course. Then you can add the weaponry and cosmetics. There are thousands of combinations so you can look good and feel good while you head your way into battle. Put out an intimidating force to melt down the opposition.

War Tech Fighter is a mech refresher for those veteran space fighters out there. The game moves extremely fast, like Starfox with a swig of energy drink fast. Put the speed together with a fleet of enemies and there goes your attention span. So much activity that I couldn’t seem to focus/zero in on one enemy. I was fighting myself as much as I was the enemy when I was calibrating controls. Who should I go for? What to do? I felt like I needed some training wheels to ease me into the game as it can get really busy. I think what got me is that there is no toggling between gravity. I wanted to post up on ships or debris or have enemies come to me but instead I had to fly around like a balloon left astray. Controllers felt right for the Switch despite my lack of success to navigate. Having full use of both controllers gave that natural mech feel. Got me feeling like Heero Yuy (with no wings).

Being exposed to modern multiplayer games really leaves me wanting more. I question why there isn’t any multiplayer though. It looks like Armored core, feels like Starfox which for a majority of time were single player but then developed into multiplayer. It may be unfair of me to overthink its’ play style but wars are not meant to be fought alone. The game has so much potential to bring back the dying breed of mech games and perhaps through updates and future DLC it can add the Co-Op. I just want to be able to show off my War Tech to my friends and compare our styles.

Overall, the game plays good and looks like it will captivate gamers in search of mech-fighters out there. WTF’s customization is what will attract all the mech-heads out there to bring forth their creativity so they can see their imaginations come to life (virtually). That being said War Tech Fighters is all about bringing the boom while the enemy brings the bang. Out class and overpower the enemy and emerge victorious.

Blowfish Studios – War Tech Fighters

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