DRULcast #53 – Trading Pennies!

In this week’s show we find out that Jack suddenly does not hate everything! We’re all about getting paid, tune in and let’s figure out together how we’re going to sell these damn Steam Trading Cards!

Brace for winter! PC edition!

Well, it’s that time again where you need to figure out how you are going to shovel out your car, or even your home. At least is you’re on the East coast that is. Snow is upon us! So let us bunker down and get some gaming down. Here are a few games...

Gift Guide Day 4 from Jack!

Four birdies singing, otherwise known as Day 4 of our Holiday Gift Guide. Jack doesn’t quite understand that the games are supposed to be released in 2012, so he just chose whatever he played in 2012. Who does he think he is? Anyways, if you...