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Space Cows | PAX East 2019

by on March 30, 2019

Take whatever comes into your imagination and put it through a cheese grater. This game can be compared to the likings of a Mega Man shooter with a blend of lactose intolerance. It’s farty time!

Side-scrolling through obstacles that will indeed challenge your timing. You’ll use flatulence to avoid danger and blow away your enemies. Space Cows allows you to let loose with style. It gives spray and pray a new perspective. Make sure to look for hidden areas with cows to rescue and activate the “udderly” ridiculous mini-games. The sound effects were very effective. Can’t help but to snicker at a toot or two. Though the sound effects induced humorous reactions, the music was pretty kick ass too. All this with a cheesy storyline makes for entertainment that’s unparalleled.

It leaves you asking “Got Milk?”

DEVELOPER: Happy Corruption
PUBLISHER: All In! Games