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S.O.Y.F | PAX East 2017

by on March 14, 2017

Call your friends over because it’s potty time! SOYF (S#!T On Your Friends) is going to be the newest four player party sensation. Get your friends together and see who will be on top of the throne.

Flush away your target by strategically flinging poop at them in catapult fashion. This free-for-all madness takes advantage of potty humor and puts it in a competitive atmosphere. All puns aside it truly was fun. Basic controls let you focus on the main task; eliminate everyone else until you are the only one standing. It feels like a simplified Super Smash Bros where you are stuck in a battle between Jigglypuff and Kirby. Floating around and dropping number twos on each other to determine who’s number one. Next time there is a tiff of who is the shit amongst your friends, play SOYF and determine the survival of the shittiest.

Oz Chimes In
If I recall, this game was created by a two man team and it’s also just a two-month-old game. For a number of laughs we shared shitting on each other, that is some great progress. We had so much fun playing this and can’t wait to see its full release. After looking at the little characters just flying around pooping on each other I couldn’t help but think what’s to come. I see this game having a currency system strictly for unlocks. New characters, some cosmetics, maybe even some custom poop? Many options for such a young studio so let’s see what happens.

Thanks for the demo @EgonautGames