Resident Evil, Coromon, Pokemon Go Packs (July 27, 2022)

Three guys on a podcast in separate video windows watching the guy on the right open Pokemon Go Card Packs

Oz is on vacation so Ren, Juan, and Jack are in charge. Jack forgot to start the stream on YouTube but luckily he had a local recording.
Juan revisits Coromon on mobile, a few Netflix shows including Resident Evil, and Pokemon Go packs are opened!

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Show Notes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:06:31 #Me (Android/iOS)
0:10:42 Coromon (Mobile/PC/Switch) (Juan’s review:
0:17:03 Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Netflix)
0:25:57 Floor Is Lava (Netflix)
0:31:30 One Piece Film Z (Netflix)
0:47:08 Pokemon Go Exclusive Trainer Box
0:56:44 Resident Evil (Netflix)
1:05:00 Outro

Hosted by
Jack Wager

I like playing games, but there's not enough time to play all of them

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