PAX East 2016 – Crush Your Enemies


Lead your warriors into battle to slaughter all who stand in the way of claiming (reclaiming) what is yours. You manage your soldiers effectively as a barbaric warlord and have them kill and pillage all in your name. I never knew that conquering can be so easy, just click and go. Overwhelm the enemy forces by out numbering their squads. They send 10 men, you counter with 30. Crush Your Enemies is not about playing fair, it’s about demolishing your opponent or as mentioned on title “Crush Your Enemies”.

Sadly the game was not ready for cross-platform testing during our meeting. I wanted to see if there were some modes in which players can work together to conquer. Ruling the land is just much better with friends. Someone who can save you from making mistakes. It is easy to get lost in greed. Mismanaging your army can cause a domino effect. Sending force with the majority of your men can leave you vulnerable at your bases. The foes in this game adapt to the gameplay and once they see that you abandon a base, they will have no problem sending over some troops to renovate the place.

Overall, Crush Your Enemies is entertaining. There is something about over-killing that just makes you smile. Make sure you let your enemies know who rules. If they do want to follow, then you simply crush them!

Go back to the days when you thought real time strategy games were awesome. But this time you don’t need to spend a whole hour to just win a skirmish. Jump right into battle and use your rusty strategic and tactical skills to crush hundreds of enemies within minutes! Crush Your Enemies has everything you like in strategy games: planning, choosing different types of units, managing resources, taking enemy territory and outwitting your opponents with the ingenious formations of your men. Only of this strategic goodness is packed into a tight and intense experience you can enjoy no matter how little time you have.

Release Date: Release Date: Spring 2016
Coming to: PC, iOS, Android
More Info:

Juan was raised in a place where dysfunctional urban youth tainted the lives of those who were exposed to the drugs and the gunfire that lit the streets. In order to survive, he kept himself barricaded in his room, in the trenches of Nintendo and Sega. It’s how his passion developed for gaming and how the creative imagination took the driver’s seat. Gaming is an escape from the struggles of life and to express frustration. Just because you gain responsibilities as time progresses doesn’t mean you have to let go of gaming. Just adapt and evolve it to best suit your lifestyle and embrace the adventures that being a gamer brings. Stay posted and see what the product of the GAMING EVOLUTION can do.

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