Hyper Jam | PAX East 2018

You ever just want to kick and punch your friends? Hyper Jam let’s you do just that! Inside an interactive arena is a 2-4 player free-for-all battle that rages on to a killer synthwave soundtrack!

You have to fight through various rounds to claim supreme dominance. After each round, you will have a draft for a perk/upgrade of your choice. Its similar to sports drafts; the least successful players are chosen before the winner. I wouldn’t say it’s a handicap but it does give people a chance to cover their weaknesses that were exposed in previous matchups.

It’s officially a party once you throw some goodies in and by goodies I mean weapons. Swords to hack and slash, hammers to smash, or projectiles to slay from a distance. These are fun ways to get phased out of the winning equation but no worries, there is always the draft. Just look at the Cleveland Browns and their success.

What I enjoyed from the game is that even though you may not be a part of the winning circle, you are still a factor. You can wreak havoc with satellite beams that deal hefty damage. So team up on the leader then turn against each other. There can only be one and that puts you in a Hyper Jam.

Release Date: Q3/Q4 2018
Platforms: PC (Steam)
Developer: Bit Dragon
Official Site: http://hyperjamgame.com/

Juan was raised in a place where dysfunctional urban youth tainted the lives of those who were exposed to the drugs and the gunfire that lit the streets. In order to survive, he kept himself barricaded in his room, in the trenches of Nintendo and Sega. It’s how his passion developed for gaming and how the creative imagination took the driver’s seat. Gaming is an escape from the struggles of life and to express frustration. Just because you gain responsibilities as time progresses doesn’t mean you have to let go of gaming. Just adapt and evolve it to best suit your lifestyle and embrace the adventures that being a gamer brings. Stay posted and see what the product of the GAMING EVOLUTION can do.

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