Games for Gold arrives on Xbox One!

Games for gold have been on Xbox 360 since July 2013, and for all who don’t know what it is, Microsoft gives you two free games per month as long as you have a Gold membership. This has been a long awaited feature by many, and after more than half a year, Microsoft finally released it for Xbox One! Starting this month, you will be able to download the games for free. Find them on your dashboard via the grid that says “Get more with Gold”.

The first two games that Microsoft is giving away are: Halo Spartan Assault (reg. $9.99) & Max The Curse of Brotherhood (reg. $14.99). Both of these are great games and you should definitely download them since it’s you know… free! There is one little catch though, Xbox 360’s version of Games with Gold allows you to play the games even if your Gold subscription expires; but on Xbox One, if your subscription expires you are locked out of the games until you renew it, following in the footsteps of PlayStation Plus.

Despite that change from Xbox 360’s Games with Gold program, it is not a huge deal as the games are free anyways. So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

Alan Wong is a casual gamer that plays a variety of genre. His favorite is mainly Role Playing Games. What else does he like? Food, and lots it.

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