Food Trucks | PAX East 2018

Nothing better than food at a convention center right? School lunch at a gourmet price does leave a sour taste in your wallet but that’s not the case here. As truOZ has mentioned in the past, PAX brings meals on wheels with the food trucks at BCEC’s Lawn on D (as well as the front entrance of the convention center). No need to eat cardboard diarrhea-inducing food provided by the convention center.

At first, we were devastated that the Bacon Truck from last year wasn’t present in 2018 (something about their truck being broken down?) but in rolls Melt. Melt has delicious sandwiches containing different proteins, poutine with different meats on top, or truffle rosemary fries (mmmm). It was just missing the bacon.

This year’s PAX seems to have brought a wider selection than last year’s. 6 food trucks on the side and a few near the main entrance as well. In addition to the Melt truck, there was Saté/Momogoose, Jamaican Me Hungry, Porchetta, The Chubby Chickpea, Amigos Locos and Compliments Food Co. And in the front were Chicken and Rice guys alongside Roxy’s Grilled Cheese.

While the weather was more acceptable than last year, it still wasn’t the best. It was chilly, windy and even snowed a bit Friday, but it did not stop people from heading out to the food trucks. You gotta be careful with the grass where the trucks are parked. They did it in a way this year that the queue lines for ordering food made you stand on top of the moist grass. Moist! If you weren’t careful with your footwear, your shoes might end up wet for the remainder of the day.

In addition to the weather not being so great, the lines to get back into the convention center weren’t so great either. So it’s a gift and a curse. Good food but long, chilly wait to get back in because there were fewer doors/metal detectors for the brave souls to get outside food inside. You might as well have eaten your food waiting in the lines to get back inside.

But with all nuisances aside, it was still a delicious experience. We overdid it with Melt two days in a row. On the third day, we ended up trying the Saté/Momogoose truck which had more of an Asian menu. Essentially a bento box where you pick your meat, choice of white or brown rice, and then dumplings or an egg roll. Followed by a side salad as well.

At the end of each meal, we couldn’t move. We know it was good when Oz takes his hat off and Juan is lying down on the floor trying to recover!


Juan was raised in a place where dysfunctional urban youth tainted the lives of those who were exposed to the drugs and the gunfire that lit the streets. In order to survive, he kept himself barricaded in his room, in the trenches of Nintendo and Sega. It’s how his passion developed for gaming and how the creative imagination took the driver’s seat. Gaming is an escape from the struggles of life and to express frustration. Just because you gain responsibilities as time progresses doesn’t mean you have to let go of gaming. Just adapt and evolve it to best suit your lifestyle and embrace the adventures that being a gamer brings. Stay posted and see what the product of the GAMING EVOLUTION can do.

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