DRUL Presents: Volume 8-Bit Episode 1!

DownRightUpLeft.com Presents: Volume 8-Bit!
This is a comic series created by a man with few words, but his art speaks for him instead.

He goes by Ray Ortiz in the real world, but we all know him as “The Unknown Credo”.

I tried to get a few words out of him, and he sent me a text with very little, but its enough to make it on here!

“Hopefully people will like what we’re coming up with. Cause its entertaining for us to come up with the ideas.”

He has help with the comic too, Erick Greenlee took over some of the writing in the later episodes of the series.
This is an on-going project and we will try to release a new strip every Thursday for your viewing pleasures!

If you guys have any questions for either one of the guys, or want to leave some feedback, feel free to comment, or simply send an e-mail to elgreenlee@gmail.com

Here it is! The first issue of Volume 8-Bit!

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