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DRULcast #122 – Turkey Day

by Oscar Venturaon November 24, 2015
This week we learn how a simple user interface could ruin someones day. Then we explore a world of soliders and mechs. Followed by the backwards compatibility on Xbox One. There is a lot more in this episode, tune in! Tune in, enjoy and leave us some feedback!

PAX East 2015: This War of Mine Update & Mobile Edition (11 bit studios)

by Oscar Venturaon March 7, 2015
We had the privilege to talk to Karol Zajaczkowski from 11 bit studios about This War of Mine. He gave us dates and details on the next major update for the game.


DRULcast #84 – Dut Hirt (Dirt Hut)

by Oscar Venturaon December 15, 2014
No live show this week however I bring you some Minecraft talk with the president of VaughnSoft, Mark Vaughn!

DRULcast #75 – The Feels

by Oscar Venturaon October 7, 2014
From weather to games to food, what else could you want in a show? This week Jack and oZ debut a new segment, and question the morals of walking out of a restaurant.


DRULcast #70 – Time Strikes Again

by Oscar Venturaon September 1, 2014
This week Jack and Oz discuss what is going on not only in life but in gaming news as well.


Keep an eye out: This War of Mine

by Oscar Venturaon May 15, 2014
Most games today are played in the first person and place you in the role of a soldier. Now let’s think about what is really going on, chances are there is a war happening, your objective is to eliminate the enemy…but what about the people who live in the cities or towns around you? They […]