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Garage | PAX East 2018

by Oscar Venturaon April 9, 2018
Butch is an ex-drug dealer who’s in an underground parking garage where he accidentally stumbles into a secret underworld filled with monsters and mutants.

SCUM | PAX East 2018

by Oscar Venturaon April 6, 2018
Finally being able to check out SCUM was my main goal for PAX East 2018. I went in with an open mind because I’m not one for sim-based games, but I do love shooters! After looking through the menu and playing around, it did seem overwhelming at first. There are a lot of bars and […]


Keep an eye out: This War of Mine

by Oscar Venturaon May 15, 2014
Most games today are played in the first person and place you in the role of a soldier. Now let’s think about what is really going on, chances are there is a war happening, your objective is to eliminate the enemy…but what about the people who live in the cities or towns around you? They […]

DRULcast Special Edition #2 – Nation Red

by Jack Wageron March 4, 2014
Another Special Edition has arrived! This time truOZ and sho220 are playing Nation Red. A really fun top-down co-op survival zombie slaying game. There’s been a ton of new content and updates to Nation Red, so we decided to check them out while giving everyone a look at the game.