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DRULcast #79 – The Return

It’s been a long journey for me to return, but a fun one at that, tune in and find out what happened to Oz in this weeks show! This week Jack and I start things off with tales from Halloween, Texas, and Mexico. Later, Juan joins in on the fun...


DRULcast #76 – Who’s on First?

This week Jack takes us on a trip down memory lane to some old school Light Gun games, on the search for a CRT and I bring it all back around to some modern day gaming to close out the show. DRULcast #76 - Who's on First? Play Now | Play in...


DRULcast #75 – The Feels

From weather to games to food, what else could you want in a show? This week Jack and oZ debut a new segment, and question the morals of walking out of a restaurant.

DRULcast #75 - The Feels [ 47:19 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (119)


WWE meets Super Smash Bros!

This is the most terrifying crossover I have ever seen…I’m still in shock as to what I just witnessed. YouTube user madagascarsan has created Super Smash Bros. characters within the WWE 2k14 universe, and well here is what we get!