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DRULcast #161

DRULcast #161 – Retro Gaming Tote

by Jack Wageron October 18, 2016
Oz is on vacation so Jack teams up with Juan and Derrick. We lazily glaze over a couple new games, then nostalgia hits us hard as we bring up our fondest childhood memories of classic games on NES, Game Boy, SNES and Genesis!

PAX East 2015: IndieBox

by Oscar Venturaon March 11, 2015
There are many subscription services, but none are as focused on indie developers as IndieBox!

Donkey Kong Country Boxart /Cover (SNES)

VGMM ’14: Donkey Kong Country

by Jack Wageron July 19, 2014
A long, long, time ago I played Donkey Kong Arcade. Then one day I stumbled upon Donkey Kong Country. For some reason I felt I should dislike Donkey Kong Country, but whenever I played it, I couldn’t help but be happy.
Top Gear 2 (SNES) Boxart Cropped

VGMM ’14: Top Gear 2

by Jack Wageron July 11, 2014
Summer of 1994, I was at Blockbuster Video (for real), had $50 in my pocket to burn from a birthday gift, and there it was, Top Gear 2, shrink-wrapped and only $49.99, it was mine! Little did I know how much I’d enjoy this game, and how great of a soundtrack it has!

Street Fighter II (SNES Boxart Cropped)

VGMM ’14: Street Fighter II

by Jack Wageron July 9, 2014
Street Fighter II may not have been the first 1v1 fighting game (here’s lookin’ at you Karate Champ), but Street Fighter II embraced a fighting game’s basic principles, sprinkled some magic dust on top, and ended up being a masterpiece.

Uniracers SNES (Boxart Cropped)

VGMM ’14: Uniracers

by Jack Wageron July 7, 2014
Racing unicycles, how could that possibly be a good video game? Surprisingly, Uniracers is one of the best games on SNES. Not only does Uniracers have phenomenal high-paced gameplay, its soundtrack will keep you pumped up the entire time!
NBA Jam Original Box Art - Logo Only

VGMM ’14: NBA Jam

by Jack Wageron July 2, 2014
“Is it the shoes?” The best basketball game ever made and ever will be, NBA Jam! Everyone wants realism nowadays, but realism in video games doesn’t always equate to being the most fun. NBA Jam is turbo-fied fast paced, high flying, strongly physical bundle of basketball joy! In other words, it’s all anyone has ever […]