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Titanfall for $37 via Amazon’s Golden Box

by Oscar Venturaon April 22, 2014
Have you been debating getting Titanfall? Questioning if you should upgrade to an Xbox One, or stick with the 360 for a bit longer? Well, no matter what your choice may be…Titanfall better be a part of your collection!

Black Friday deals: Best Buy

by Oscar Venturaon November 8, 2012
Only during Black Friday do you only see wonderful deals like these! $60 games for just $35 each?! YES PLEASE!

Buy Two get One FREE! Sale ends TOMORROW

by Oscar Venturaon November 2, 2012
  Wow, 24 hours for this deal, though not that great, it is still a deal! Chances are high that you are already going to pick up two of these games anyways, so why not just get another one for free! Included in this deal are Assassins Creed III, Madden 13, Fifa 13, Need for Speed […]

Steam $5: Dead Space & Dead Space 2

by Jack Wageron April 25, 2012
That’s right, Steam is having a midweek sale on Dead Space 1 & 2 for $5 each. I already have part 1, and I’m definitely picking up part 2 during this sale. Just passing the info along to everyone else. The sale ends on Thursday 4/26/2012 @ 4PM PST.

Sega’s Mobile Games Valentine’s Day Sale

by Jack Wageron February 12, 2012
Sonic CD, Super Monkey Ball, Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and more are all on sale right now through February 14th. The sale is on the App Store and the Android Marketplace. Hit the jump for the full game list and prices!