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DRULcast #229 – Cotton Candy

by Oscar Venturaon March 20, 2018
Happy Sea of Thieves Day! It’s out, go get it! Tune in for our thoughts on pre-release versions to find out if we’re excited for the official release. Very little Fortnite and Rocket League in this one, you’re welcome!

DRULcast #195 – Wishes

by Oscar Venturaon July 18, 2017
It’s Comic Con week in San Diego! Who is going? Jack will be there! This episode, however, has nothing to do with SDCC, instead, we bash the developer’s playlist in Gears of War 4, come up with some ideas for Sea of Thieves, and get some VR talk to close the show out. Detailed information […]

DRULcast #178 – AFK or Cheating?

by Oscar Venturaon February 14, 2017
The boys go on a journey to figure out if AFK to gain something within a game is considered cheating or not. One of us is excited for a game about murder, the other want to hide his gamerscore, and Juan joins in on the fun this week to share his experiences of looting the […]

VGMM ’14: Goldeneye 007

by Oscar Venturaon July 20, 2014
Oh! The man with the Golden Gun! The game which featured the Rumble Pack on its cover! Yes, it’s time for Goldeneye 007!

Donkey Kong Country Boxart /Cover (SNES)

VGMM ’14: Donkey Kong Country

by Jack Wageron July 19, 2014
A long, long, time ago I played Donkey Kong Arcade. Then one day I stumbled upon Donkey Kong Country. For some reason I felt I should dislike Donkey Kong Country, but whenever I played it, I couldn’t help but be happy.