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DRULcast #103 – Pre-E3 2015 Hype!

by Oscar Venturaon June 8, 2015
This was a hard episode to explain but it will all make sense about 2 minutes into it as we had to re-record! All of that aside, E3 is next week! Tune in and have a listen at what Jack and I think will make an appearance!

Backtracking Halo: CE Anniversary

by Jack Wageron September 11, 2014
Halo: Combat Evolved is the game responsible for putting Xbox on the map in 2001. Without Halo, I'm unsure how successful Xbox would've been. Despite Halo making Xbox what it was, I never cared about Halo: CE. Graphics are OK, story is mediocre, and there's only local multiplayer.


New age of trolling featuring Xbox One

by Oscar Venturaon March 17, 2014
Youtube channel videogames has been releasing some funny videos on the Xbox One.

Kinect helps catch ghosts! Quick! Call Luigi!

by Oscar Venturaon March 4, 2014
Quick! Get Luigi out there, there are ghosts in our presence!

DRULCast #25 – Rocky Nightmares ending with a Bang!

by Oscar Venturaon September 6, 2011
We’re back! We in the east coast survived the hurricane, despite loosing power! But it’s alright, do not fear, DRUL-HQ is still standing and stronger than ever. Why? Because the 2011 drought of games has finally ended! Dead Island is finally out! We’ll be discussing it next week, but that’s not why your here! Your […]

DRULCast #17 – Wait this thing takes pictures?

by Oscar Venturaon June 28, 2011
In this week’s episode, the main focus was to discuss Kinect. Like any good episode though, we added a couple of other things including what we have been playing in the past week. This week we discuss Mortal Kombat again with its latest DLC (1:20). Chris talks about his experiences playing Darksiders (5:33) and tries […]