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Skreens 3 Inputs (PAX East 2015)

PAX East 2015: Skreens

by Jack Wageron March 6, 2015
There are so many media devices in our homes, and we are always forced to choose one at a time to fill our TVs. Marc Todd, the creator of Skreens, didn’t want to choose between playing games or watching TV, so Marc took it upon himself to create what is now known as Skreens.

Hey Early Access, Bug Right Off!

by Jack Wageron February 21, 2014
Early Access is the hottest thing on Steam. Gamers are eating it up, and developers love receiving funding as they’re working on their game. But is it really a good thing? Has it gotten out of control? We’ll take a look a closer look at gaming’s greatest scheme.

DRULcast #33 – Someone GTA’d my Texas Toast and Kickstarted it!

by Oscar Venturaon September 27, 2013
This week we discuss some foodie issues which is likely to be an on going thing. Then we dive deep….real deep into some Grand Theft Auto 5, to the point that someone was playing instead of partaking in the conversation! It’s made real clear towards the end of the podcast. Lastly I wanted to point out […]