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DRULcast #183 – Deal With It

by Oscar Venturaon March 28, 2017
This week we go back to basics, just Jack and Oz running through hypotheticals based on the recent closing of those GameStop stores. We dive into Digital vs Physical media once more because of the store closures and to that we say #dealwithit. More information down in the show notes!

DRULcast #177 – Gimmicks

by Oscar Venturaon February 7, 2017
Strap in folks, it’s our longest podcast yet, but that’s what happens when old friends reconnect! About a year has passed since Mark Vaughn joined the podcast and holy crap this was fun. We go figure things out about our eating habits, we discuss gimmicks, nostalgia and the case between a certain site that shall […]

Backtracking Hotline Miami

by Jack Wageron January 31, 2015
I didn't understand the hype when Hotline Miami was released. I'm still not as hyped as some, but I did thoroughly enjoy my journey through 1980s Miami!

DRULcast #73 – Random Q&A

by Oscar Venturaon September 23, 2014
This week is a strange one as we kicked things off with a few random questions, Teleporting? Flying? Which super power would you choose? Find out what we’ve been playing, yes, WE…as in Jack has a report for us this week!


VGMM ’14: Hotline Miami

by Oscar Venturaon July 17, 2014
Hotline Miami is one of those games you just have to experience to really understand it. A good gaming experience can’t be complete without its music, and the soundtrack to this game is spectacular.


E3 2014: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number

by Oscar Venturaon June 9, 2014
Dennaton Games gave us a slightly different demo of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. They decided to showcase all of the features involved within the level builder! Simply choosing from different sprites and placing them on a grid lets you build your levels. Options include placing the floors, doors, walls, and gang members. A bunch […]

DRULcast #53 – Trading Pennies!

by Oscar Venturaon April 22, 2014
In this weeks show we find out that Jack…suddenly does not hate everything! We’re all about getting paid, tune in and let’s figure out together how we’re going to sell these damn Steam Trading Cards!