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DRULcast #87 – The Return

by Oscar Venturaon January 19, 2015
Oh..Hello there…We’re back! Due to issues beyond our control, no live show this week, but the show must go on! What have we been up to for the past couple of weeks? Tune in and find out!

DRULcast #85 – The Disagreement

by Oscar Venturaon December 23, 2014
This week oZ and Jack find themselves in an argument over a new game vs old game by the same studio; Jagex. The games in question are Ace of Spades and Block n’ Load! All games/topics in this episode include: TipSoccer, Limited Edition PlayStation 4, Minecraft, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Ace of Spades, Block […]


DRULcast #81 – Live!

by Oscar Venturaon November 24, 2014
This week truOZ and Jspin take to the wonderful world of live streaming and broadcast the podcast LIVE on Games & Topics discussed: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Video Game High School, Halo The Master Chief Collection, and Crackdown 3. Tune in, enjoy and leave us some feedback!