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DRULcast #90 – I played that?

by Oscar Venturaon February 16, 2015
Another horrible week for Oz as he has to shovel out even more snow. But on the opposite side of the states, Jack is enjoying the sunlight. With that however comes games being played, tune in and find out what we think of various games (list after jump) from console to mobile this week.

DRULcast #67 – Bickering behind the scenes

by Oscar Venturaon August 12, 2014
This week Jack and I discuss a few games, and bicker about the show…the struggles of a weekly podcast!


Godus on iOS!

by Oscar Venturaon August 7, 2014
Peter Molyneux’s latest game with studio 22cans, Godus, now has a mobile version and it’s free!

DRULcast #37 – Commanding Settlers!

by Oscar Venturaon December 10, 2013
In this weeks episode we discuss a few Xbox One games including Ryse, Forza, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.