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DRULcast #116 – No Lifeline

by Oscar Venturaon October 6, 2015
This week Oz and Jack welcome back Juan to discuss the current pricing structure of video games in the market today and how flawed they are, and yet there is no real fix.

DRULcast #108 – VROOM CHOMP!

by Oscar Venturaon July 21, 2015
West coast finally gets rain! Tune in this week to get our input on old school news paper boxes, changes in weather, and of course video games!


DRULcast 92 – Prep for PAX East 2015!

by Oscar Venturaon March 3, 2015
As PAX East 2015 is just days away, we discuss what we’re excited to see, although its cut short since we’re likely going to be talking about it for next weeks show too. So instead, we discuss games as we welcome back a common guest of the show Juan! This weeks episode features a lot […]

DRULcast #66 – Our Destiny with San Diego Comic Con 2014 deserts!

by Oscar Venturaon July 29, 2014
Finally! We play Destiny and talk about it! Find out who likes it, who hates it, who enjoys it, and who will actually buy it!


DRULcast #63 – Video Game Music Month

by Oscar Venturaon July 10, 2014
Sorry it’s late! I completely forgot to post this! This episode explains the origins of Video Game Music Month!


Evolve gets Xbox One exclusive DLC and Beta!

by Oscar Venturaon June 9, 2014
Turtle Rock Studios gave us a look at a new Monster, as well as the news that this Fall, Xbox One owners will get access to Evolve beta! Best of all, the trailer mentioned exclusive DLC content for Xbox One. Although not much new information was shown, it was a great refresher on the four […]

DRULcast #55 – Jack in a Box!

by Oscar Venturaon May 6, 2014
In this weeks show we go deep…real deep into life and video games. We make realizations about life and discover a few things about time.

Ultimate Craftsmanship – Making Goliath from Evolve for PAX East 2014

by Oscar Venturaon May 1, 2014
Did you get a chance to attend PAX East 2014? I’m sure you walked passed the Goliath and freaked out at its size!

6 ways to watch Evolve Multiplayer!

by Oscar Venturaon April 24, 2014
The official channel for Evolve on YouTube released today an Interactive Trailer which showcases a ‘comeplete’ multiplayer session!