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DRULcast #227 – Water Gushers

by Oscar Venturaon March 6, 2018
Long show this week with tons of valuable information from movie services, DLC news, potential game updates and we share our love of Crackdown in preparation for the next installment.

DRULcast #183 – Deal With It

by Oscar Venturaon March 28, 2017
This week we go back to basics, just Jack and Oz running through hypotheticals based on the recent closing of those GameStop stores. We dive into Digital vs Physical media once more because of the store closures and to that we say #dealwithit. More information down in the show notes!

DRULcast #162 – How Oblivious

by Oscar Venturaon October 25, 2016
Oz is back to join the same full crew from last week. The guys kick things off talking about turning a local burrito spot into a club. Later discussing a bunch of games, for the full list check the post.

DRULcast #47 – Put it in the ‘BON!

by Oscar Venturaon February 25, 2014
For starters I’d like to apologize for the background noise, while editing the episode I heard the alarm beeping in the background. Honestly, a sound I have tuned out completely since it is always going off, oops! In this weeks semi-truncated show, Jack and I discuss Irrational Games, Titanfall, and Digital Games. Best of all, […]


Switching to Digital ONLY!

by Oscar Venturaon January 24, 2014
With everything in life moving to the digital age, gaming was the last thing that I still have physical media for. No more disks! I’m done! My music is streamed, my movies are either streamed or downloaded or even viewed on demand…so why do I still pay a disk?