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Castle Assault Review

by Oscar Venturaon May 13, 2016
We’re so attached to our electronics that we should take some time to engage in different forms of entertainment. Juan and I decided to briefly suspend use of all electronic devices at DRULcast HQ and ‘disconnect’ (as Juan would say), to experience a table top game by Momentum Volsk named Castle Assault.
mirrors edge

VGMM ’14: Mirror’s Edge

by Oscar Venturaon July 27, 2014
The moment the piano key hits you know that you are in for a treat. It’s that catchy part which wont get out of your head, and no matter where you hear it, you will know what it is. Still Alive from the Mirror’s Edge soundtrack adds those subtle piano keys through out their songs […]


E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline (with a free BF4 item)

by Oscar Venturaon June 9, 2014
Wow! A massive bomb just dropped! Beta available TODAY for Battlefield Hardline! Gameplay looked great. Despite its recent leaks, it was still a shocker to see a beta release the day of its announcement. I don’t think anyone has done this before, power to EA for pulling this off. Beta is at a first come […]

No power? No Problem – Boardgame: Zombie Dice

by Oscar Venturaon January 31, 2012
Every now and then we all experience power outages, or perhaps we just want to go a bit old school. Being gamers, we hate being bored, so for this, we bring out our fancy game pieces! This category wont be covering your traditional board games, so ahead of time let me apologize, and say Sorry! […]