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DRULCast #28 – No Stealing!

by Oscar Venturaon April 12, 2013
Hello! This week we try to go back to the norm but Jack had to mess with my intro! A lot of things discussed! VUDU, 10,000,000, Battle Block Theater, and a potential new game studio we could only dream about! Only two matches from Black Ops 2 featured in this, nothing spectacular, but still something […]

Surprise! It’s a Black Ops 2 Live Action Trailer!

by Oscar Venturaon October 29, 2012
Its no surprise that Call of Duty Black Ops 2, scheduled to come out November 13 gets a Live Action trailer! This seems to be the new craze as every big title that has come out this year has gotten similar trailers. Just think about how much goes into this! The directing, polishing, and advertisements […]