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DRULcast #239 – Season Pass Be Gone!

by Oscar Venturaon May 30, 2018
The guys reunite for some tales of gaming! This week’s DRULcast discusses microtransactions, have they taken over the need for a season pass? Enjoy!


by Oscar Venturaon September 13, 2016
The duo is back! Jack and Oz discuss strange obsessions, teraflops, and table flipping madness in this weeks episode! Enjoy!


DRULcast #148 – Privacy and EA games!

by Oscar Venturaon June 28, 2016
This week the guys discuss a few annoying trends on the internet with stalking and just overall privacy in an oversharing world. Additionally they talk about EA and Origin games.

DRULcast #67 – Bickering behind the scenes

by Oscar Venturaon August 12, 2014
This week Jack and I discuss a few games, and bicker about the show…the struggles of a weekly podcast!


E3 2014: Battlefield Hardline (with a free BF4 item)

by Oscar Venturaon June 9, 2014
Wow! A massive bomb just dropped! Beta available TODAY for Battlefield Hardline! Gameplay looked great. Despite its recent leaks, it was still a shocker to see a beta release the day of its announcement. I don’t think anyone has done this before, power to EA for pulling this off. Beta is at a first come […]


Team Work Pilot Switch on Battlefield 4

by Oscar Venturaon January 22, 2014
I’ve been on a kick of these awesome videos for a week now.

Battlefield 4 ATV Explosive launcher!

by Oscar Venturaon January 13, 2014
Since C4 and vehicles were in existence in the Battlefield Series

Origin offers Battlefield 1942 FOR FREE!

by Oscar Venturaon November 5, 2012
I loaded up Origin just to see see if anything has changed within their services, since it has been a long time since I last ran the application on my computer. Then suddenly, a pop up showing me what was Featured Today. A FREE GAME! Battlefield 1942, a game I have had some major experience […]