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Assault Android Cactus Review

by Oscar Venturaon October 9, 2015
Assault Android Cactus has so much going for it that makes me love and hate it at the same time. But don't worry, it's a good hatred, rushing to collect a battery, or raging over not beating a friend's high score.

Backtracking Hotline Miami

by Jack Wageron January 31, 2015
I didn't understand the hype when Hotline Miami was released. I'm still not as hyped as some, but I did thoroughly enjoy my journey through 1980s Miami!


VGMM ’14: Bastion

by Oscar Venturaon July 28, 2014
Bastion was one of those games that I went into without really knowing what I was getting myself info. Luckily for me, it became one of my all time favorite games!

VGMM ’14: Portal 2

by Oscar Venturaon July 21, 2014
Goodbye my only friend. Oh, did you think I meant you? Portal 2 End Credits song is another track that I won’t be able to get out of my head!


VGMM ’14: Hotline Miami

by Oscar Venturaon July 17, 2014
Hotline Miami is one of those games you just have to experience to really understand it. A good gaming experience can’t be complete without its music, and the soundtrack to this game is spectacular.