July Is Video Game Music Month! (VGMM ’14)

July Is Video Game Music Month! (VGMM ’14)

When is Video Game Music Month?

Officially, Video Game Music Month is every July.

Why do you want to celebrate music from video games?

Music in video games doesn’t get a lot of recognition, but the right music can make a game extremely memorable. Don’t believe us? Start thinking of Super Mario Bros., doo-doo, doo, doo-doo–doo, doo!. That’s a lot of ‘doo doo’, but if you’ve played Super Mario Bros. and say those words aloud, we bet you’ll be able to get the melody to the beginning of the song.

What is DRUL doing to celebrate Video Game Music Month?

We are going to post one of our favorite songs everyday for the entire month!

Where can I find all of this great Video Game Music?

Right here on this page. Scroll down past this silly FAQ.

How are the songs picked?

All of us at DRUL contributed our knowledge to create a gigantic list of our favorite video game music. We then picked what we thought were the top songs out of that list.

Can a song be from any game?

Yes. AAA, Indie, old, new, whatever. If it’s a video game and has music, it is eligible to be included in Video Game Music Month.

Why is a certain song not listed?

We have gathered songs that are meaningful to us. We also have played many games, and some songs stand out more than others, because of that only certain songs will make it. The idea of this is to share your favorite songs, and make it known that the month of July is for Video Game Music!

Can I recommend or request a song for Video Game Music Month?

Of course. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or send us an email. We’ll do our best to include your song over the course of Video Game Music Month.


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